What Defines a Street Legal Golf Cart? – Car Talk Credits


People are buying these vehicles for their use in the neighborhood and to work in the yard, and to even race. If you’re thinking of ways to help make your car an approved street-legal golf cart take a look at this video and find out more!

The need for lights is crucial if you intend to operate your cart along a roadway. They should have turning signals, break lights, and headlights for the front. It is also necessary to have five panels of mirrors that cover the width of your golf cart. These can see a lot better than typical cars’ rearview mirror and even the side mirrors. The last thing you should do is have a horn installed on your steering wheel. This is more of security risk when you have to alert someone of your presence.

If you’ve got all these elements, you’ll require a call to the city to have someone come out to examine your car. It will cost you twenty dollars. This is not a contact at the DMV. Once everything is up and running, you’re now able to operate your golf cart on any road where the speed limit is under 30 miles per hour or any other road with an designated cart lane.


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