Can You Legally Cancel Timeshares? – America Speak On

There is a feeling of regret following a big investment like a timeshare. It is possible that they are unsure whether they have the right to terminate their timeshare. The YouTube video “Timeshare — Know Your Rights of Rescission” will provide all the info required to make an informed choice. Learn more!

The most important thing to know if you’ve just purchased a timeshare is the right to rescission. It is the time period that you get following the purchase in which you are able to return out. This grace period is short that can range from three to 14 days. It is legal to end your timeshare lease during the grace period and receive a full refund from the developer. However, you’ll still be bound to your contract in the event that you fail the grace period.

Many people get smitten by the concept of timeshares at the end of a seminar, but they’re typically not prepared for the full commitment that the timeshare program requires. And when they’re no longer interested in the timeshare the timeshare, they’re not sure the best way to leave it. This is why it’s important to check all the parts of the contract, and to understand the terms completely. In some cases, the right to suspension could be hidden within the in the fine print. For more information on cancelling timeshares, you can view the entire video.


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