How Does the D550 Horizontal Directional Drill Work? – Backyard Landscaping Ideas

This Vermeer D550 Horizontal Directional Drill Video showcases how it establishes new standards in maxi-rigs. As with other similar products it is about productivity. The Vermeer 550 can be optimized to handle the long-distance drilling requirements, like high-voltage transmission or energy infrastructure.
It starts with an industry-leading 100,000 ft-lb of torque which helps operators cut down on the number of passesrequired, allowing you to get more done in less time. Next, its ultra-slow speed technology offers precise control under rocky conditions in order to increase tooling life and penetration rate. When combined with the three control modes for operating -rotation, thrust, and speed- as well as its fully-travel vise, you can give your workers the freedom and control needed for smooth and effective directionally-oriented drilling.
It’s also fairly silent at 111-DB(A) in such a large machine. This can allow users to cut costs on sound attenuation, particularly in urban locations.
The features mentioned above, and other features, ensure that the Vermeer D550 Horizontal Directional Drill the benchmark for directional drilling among maxi-rigs. f94hd6vnlr.

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