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Another important aspect of oral health is the condition of your dental crowns , as well as other restorations. Dental crowns can serve to protect or restore teeth that have been damaged. They can trigger irritation and inflammation if your gums don’t align with the crown. If you have any discomfort or have concerns regarding your crowns should you consult your dentist.

How Much Water Are You Are You Drinking?

Gum health may be impaired by water features such fountains and pools. Chlorine and other chemicals employed to treat water could cause dryness to your gums. For your protection and to ensure good oral hygiene you should wash your mouth thoroughly after swimming and to use a mouthwash or tooth rinse to get rid of any chlorine.

For athletes, maintaining good dental health is particularly important. Sports can place additional stress on your mouth, which can increase your risk for gum irritation. It is important to have a strategy to treat any potential oral health issues, and to keep your teeth and gums healthy prior to, during and following the sport. A strong treatment plan will be developed by optometrists, as well as orthodontists to treat athletes.


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